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William Magee

SOC 246 Test 1 Week one Stages of demographic transition: o 1) high birth rate and high death rate, typically resulting in small growth in size population o 2) high birth rate and decreasing death rate, resulting in increasing population o 3) decreasing birth rate and decreasing death rate, resulting in reducing population growth o 4)low birth rate and low death rate, resulting in low levels of population growth Economic consequence for older developed countries o The high cost of keeping the population healthy and out of poverty can lessen attractiveness of the country for industrial production o Some young countries economically on the rise are amassing wealth by so far refusing to bear those costs (example china has a few pensions) Reasons for population aging 1) Fertility o people have much fewer children the replacement rate needed to keep a population from declining is 2.1 children and no place in the developed country has that o fertility is related to globalization & urbanization (urban and educated women postpone having children until they are prepared for and established in their jobs- rearing children in the city is more expansive o the baby boom occurred during increased urbanization & education (fertility increasing after WW2 because people put off having children before & during the war) (one year difference between Canada and U.S- economy was worst in Canada Canadians get married at older ages the basic rhythms of private lives are diverging in the two countries 2) Emigration www.notesolution.com
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