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Treichler: AIDS, Homophobia, and Biomedical Discourse

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University of Toronto St. George
Robb Travers

SOC309 September 30 2011 Note Article very long and boring read Mostly about how the peoples perception of AIDS are inaccurate due to their misunderstanding of it AIDS Homophobia and Biomedical Discourse An Epidemic of Signification Paula Treichlery We struggle to understand AIDS Reality is frightening widely publicized but we neither directly nor full know about ity Nature of AIDS is constructed through language in particular through discourses of medicine and scienceconstruction is either truereal in certain specific waysy The name AIDS constructs the disease and helps made it intelligible we cannot look at language to determine what AIDS is We must explor e language to understand the determinations and how meaning was created for it Basically etymologyo AIDS as an epidemic of transmissible lethal disease and epidemic of meanings or signification o Both epidemics crucial to understandtreat AIDS as infectious disease and meanings continue to multiply wildly at an extraordinary rate y Enumeration of way AIDS has been characterized suggests its enormous power to generate meanings look at the lengthy list y These diverse conceptualization are coupled with fragmentary interpretations of its specific elements o Shows people dont have clear under
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