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Kopelman: If HIV/AIDS is Punishment, Who is Bad?

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University of Toronto St. George
Robb Travers

SOC309 September 30 2011If HIVAIDS is Punishment Who is Bad Loretta M KopelmanHIVAIDS strikes greatest frequency in subSaharan Africa lack resources Wealthy countries must help but biases such as disease as punishment for sin has hindered progress punishment theory of disease Irrational behaviour religion influence policies and cost livesneed to cooperate and stop blameIntroSubSaharan Africa as epicenter of HIVAIDSneed to address barriers to global efforts to find solutions in this region Stable countries could be threatened if AIDS continues to growgovernment failure economy distress ethnic fighting Need worldwide commitment to develop better health care treatments surveillance preventive measures education and nutritiono Dedication to alleviate poverty and foster economic development in these regionsObstacles to cooperation distrust indifference and prejudice wealthy regions to subSaharan Africa o Cannot blame them for diseasethere is no us and them thinkingits not not our problemInitially AIDS seen as a punishment for sin In Uganda seen as sin for adulteryo Majority of health care professionals believed it was sinPunishment theory of diseaseview that being bad or doing bad things can directly cause disease and wh
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