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Herek: AIDS and Stigma

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University of Toronto St. George
Robb Travers

SOC309 November 4 2011AIDS and Stigma Gregory M Hereky Since the discovery of AIDS people with AIDS have been targets of stigmao Evicted from homes fired from jobs shunned by family and friends o Survey on public opinion revealed widespread fear of disease lack of accurate information about transmission y After 2 decades prejudice and discrimination still not relics of the past y The stigma is refers to prejudice discounting discrediting and discrimination directed at people perceived to have AIDSHIV ad the people they are associated with Manifestations of AIDS stigma in the United States y AIDS stigma around world is expressed through social ostracism and personal rejection of them discrimination and laws that deprive them of basic human rightsy Stigma takes different forms from one country to anothero US attitude of discrimination has fluctuated with the support for punitive policies However many of the same attitudes continue to persist The social psychology of AIDS stigma y AIDS stigma is conceptualized as a psychological attitudefacet of public opiniony Younger and better educated respondents consistently manifest lower levels of AIDS stigma than older respondents and those with lower levels of educationsy Uninfected people who personally know someone with AIDS manifest less stigma than othersy Ethnic minor groups are more likely
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