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Mosack: If I didn't have HIV, I'd Be Dead Now

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Robb Travers

SOC309 November 4 2011If I didnt have HIV Id Be Dead Now Illness Narratives of Drug users Living with HIVAIDS Mosack et al Study illuminate experiences of lower income urban HIV positive drug users Asked about risk behaviours impact of HIV on lives religious beliefs life plans relationships andwork related issues before and since diagnosisconducted in Hartford Connecticuty increasing shift to the treatmentcarerather than primary prevention for people living HIVAIDS Shows the importance of developing a better understanding of illness experience in population y HIVAIDS uniquethe progress from health to illness is not linear Some people live with it for an extended period without any signs or symptoms y Challenges changesadvancement of medical knowledge medical caredrug therapy relationships between infected and importanty Lower income urban drug usersgreater challenge Many homelessvery difficult to deal with side effects of medication eg diarrhoea o May live with roommates family partners Risk rejection when status known o dope sick suffering from withdrawalmay not take necessary precautions to prevent secondary transmissiono Many have inadequatenonexistent health careinsurance Contribute limited access to the highly antiretroviral therapy HAARTo Faced with choice of purchasing illicit drugs due to incomeimmediate and positive effect HIV drugs with extreme side effects o Arriving on time to appointment is another complicated processrely on public transport or walk o Health providers may be biased and against providing adequate health care Fear of disclosing drug use due to stigma Causes illicit and pharmaceutical drug interaction effectso Usually talk to drug associatesrely on for practicalemotional support Fact is they may be as vulnerable to the social consequences as they are y unfortunately the HIV infection sharing contaminated drug injection equipment sexual intercourse with HIV has been stigmatized with shame and blameo Creates even more suffering than the biological aspects of the infectionNarrative Frameworks y Frank argued that people suffering deep illness tell 3 predominant stories deep illnessperceived as lasting as affecting virtually all life choices and decisions and as altering identity o Restitution narrative assume health will be restored even in the light of serious diagnosiscancer When that fails may feel anger or sense of injusticeSome cling to hope of restoration until they die o Chaos narrativeFilled with uncertainty confusion and sense of powerlessness Refers to perception that everything is falling to piecesNever ending suffering series of negative life events 1
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