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Hunt, Trace & Bewley-Taylor: Reducing Drug Related Harms to Health

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Robb Travers

SOC309 November 18 2011 Reducing Drug Related Harms to Health An Overview of the Global Evidence Report Four Neil Hunt and Mike Trace and Dave BewleyTaylorIntroduction sty 1 report articulated concern that current international policy framework not meeting is objective of significantly reducing the sales of illicit drug market and the number of drug users is expanding in most of the worldndy 2 argued way to resolved consequent disagreements on future direction on policy should be through objective review of effectiveness of current policies and programs Suggested board methodology and approach for a review to be conducted y This proposes 6 fundamental aims for drug policies which could be measured over time to judge whether progress was being madefocus on Harm ReductionDrug Related Harms to Health y drug set and setting are factors that directly affect the risk and harms of drug usey Blood borne infectionsOD are most widespread and serious causes of mortality and morbidity HIVAIDS y different prevalence worldwide spreading at different ratesHepatitis y also transmitted through sharing injection equipment Hep BC most important due to widespread prevalence and impact on health Interventions and their effectivenessNeedle and syringe programmes NSPs y compelling evidence that this reduces HIV infection substantially y Cost effective beneficialy A point of early access to drug treatmenty Capacity to produce outcomes in other areas reduce OD deaths and preventing Hep C is less certain and warrant urgent attention Methadone and other replacement
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