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Hunter: Prisons

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Robb Travers

SOC309 November 25 2011Prisons Susan Huntery Drug users have high rates of HIV infection and either do not know or do not tell when they return to their old habits and partners on the outside of prisony Prison AIDS rates is 6x higher than on the outsidey Many are HIV when enter but others are infected in prison y Spread by drug use sex for money rapesy Increasing rate of imprisonment in the US systemy The war on drugs seems to be doing a better job of spreading AIDS than controlling drug use or crimey Possible that prisons are creating more criminals than are rehabilitatingprofoundly damaging for nonviolent offenders y Mass incarceration morally dubious and has frightening public health implicationsy Substandard AIDS treatment in prisons make them ideal breeding grounds for drugresistant superstraints of HIVy Revolving doordue to failure of the social system people go in and out until they die Costs a lot ofsocial failure y Some stay in jail simply because its a better lifestylegovernment takes care of their sickness diet laundry etcy Selling drugs as a better lifestyle than flipping burgers at Mc Donaldssaw it as a way out of low slum lifestyle Interview on Damienhis auntBasically became a drug dealer at age 14 and f
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