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Dodds & Keogh: Criminal prosecution for HIV transmission

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University of Toronto St. George
Robb Travers

SOC309 December 2 2011 Criminal prosecutions for HIV transmission people living with HIV respond C Dodds and P Keoghy Paper on responses of criminal convictions for HIV transmission in England and Walesy Findings represent an important contribution to the development of wellinformed prosecution policyy Respondents expressed concern about way criminal convictions conflict with messages about shared responsibility for safer sex and the extent to which such cases will exacerbate existing stigma and discrimination related to HIVy Felt that successes achieved by human rights approaches to HIV prevention treatment and care placed under threat by growing culture of blame encouraged by criminal prosecutionIntroduction y National and international responses to HIV grounded in rights and dignity of those with HIV are likely to achieve aims of prevention treatment and care y However more punitive and restrictive responsesuse of criminal laws as punishment to transmitters are a recent trend y UNAIDS discourages this in all but most extreme cases Any legal or policy response must take into account the fact that preventing the spread of HIV is the single most important objective Criminal law policy must not sacrifice HIV prevention in pursuit of o
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