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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Summary

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Tyler Frederick

CHAPTER 3 A HISTORY OF SOCIAL CONTROL PRACTICESAll historical accounts have to strike a balance in resolving the tension that exists between focusing upon the continuities that can be identified across different historical periods and emphasizing the changes that take place between erasIn complex societies there are complex forces at work consisting of sometimes convergent at other times divergent patterns distributed across various domains of social political and economic lifeA SOCIAL HISTORY IN FRAGMENTSGeoff Parsons 1983 through his historical analysis concerns about the degradation and dissipation of society and social order seem to be a common feature in modern lifeNorbert Elias 1994 Civilizing process describes the long term process by which norms traditions morals and customs have been adopted adapted and agreed upon to provide enhanced regulation of individual and collective conductRock 1983 identifies even by the end of the seventeenth century although there was a rudimentary system of policing in England some areas remained unpatrolled and unpatrollableThis notion of communities being selfpolicing was the principla way in which social order was maintained and social conflict resolved throughout premodern forms of social organizationAs the forms of social organization become more complex serious problems of public order which occurred periodically were dealt with by the application of coercive force delivered by the army and militiaWhen crime occurred the absence of a regular specialized constabulary meant that the identification and capture of the felon relied upon the efforts of the adult male population of a parishohue and crypopulation of the parish was supposed to perform formal social control functions as and when requiredUnder legislation introduced in 1691 the state introduced rewards payable to those persons who successfully prosecuted individuals for certain offencesoIncluded burglary highway robbery and horsstealing
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