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Chapter 5

SOC314 The Unfinished Revolution (ch.5) reading

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University of Toronto St. George
Bonnie Fox

thSOC 314 January 24 Readings The Unfinished Revolution Chapter 5Young adults today facing situations that their parents did not have to deal withExample rise of different alternatives to marriageTwo opposing viewpoints about how adults will negotiate the future1 family is in decline and the increasing rise of individualism2 family will return to more traditional roots rise of stay at home mothers who get tired of trying to have it allYoung adults increasingly likely to live alone postpone marriage cohabit and enter temporary partnershipsYoung adults today define adulthood as living alone and establishing themselves independently rather than getting married and having kidsVast majority want a permanent bond but they do not wish for that bond to be defined by rigid gender distinctions The ideal is to create an enduring and egalitarian partnership that allows them to strike a personal balance between earning and caregiving Possible conflict pit selfreliant women who see personal autonomy as essential for their survival against neotraditional men who see work success as a key to selfrespectMen and women face intertwined questions ab
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