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SOC314 January 31st Currie Reading

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Bonnie Fox

Dawn Currie 2009 1993 Here comes the bride 2422581960s divorce rate in Canada has increased steadily13 marriages now end in divorceExplore why traditional weddings remain popular and to examine the role which the wedding itself plays in the reproduction of gendered relationsThe StudyModern weddings in churches with white gownsNotion of tradition over religion in regards to getting married in the churchTraditional weddings large felt lost of control in planning processThe Symbolism of Getting Married Wedding as CommitmentDont know why the engage in certain behaviours but claim to act rationally in regards to getting marriedGoing All the way The Work of Getting MarriedPay attention to details even though not seen as necessarily importantGoing all the way consisted of looking after the small detailsMany couples began their newlywed life in debtRespondents felt that they spent more on the wedding than they have liked toConsumption primarily womens workWomen typically spent more time planning than their partnersMost grooms had final say or right to veto their role in the w
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