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University of Toronto St. George
Bonnie Fox

thSOC314 February 7 Readings Gillian Ranson 2009 1998 Education work and family decision making Pp 277 289 in Fox textBecoming a parent has a larger impact on women because motherhood is much more difficult to synchronize with paid work than is the case with fatherhoodEducated women delay childbearingWomen with education and nursing degrees women occupations are much more likely to have children than are women with degrees in business and engineering men occupationsLiterature ReviewImportance of meeting education and career goals before starting a familyAssumption that women are more likely than men to value family over paid employment consequences for their employment choicesTheoretical FrameworkMust consider gender socialization in the fact that women in traditional female occupations have children sooner than women in nontraditional occupations st 1 proposition link between occupation and fertility nd 2 proposition organization of the work she does will materially influence her family decision makingData and MethodsUniversity educated women only 31 were raising children of these 68 were education graduatesFindingsWomen educated middle class and had access to effective contraceptionSemiplanned pregnancies were experienced by women who were clearly intending to have children in the near future and for whom the pregnancy was not an unwelcome experienceReaching the Right Time Women with ChildrenRight time consisted of age financial security job security achievement of professional goalsEducation graduates enter a specific labour market in which the organization of the work greatly facilitates its combination with childbearingAdvantage in female occupations support of a community of women with wide experience in the balancing of work and family responsibilitiesWomen without Children Voluntary Postponement of PregnancyConclusion that their jobs would be incompatible with family life was the reason why some of the married women were still childless at the time they were interviewedAlso delays and difficulties in getting a career established also contributed to the postponement of motherhoodPermanent ChildlessnessNone of the voluntarily childless women interviewed had permanently closed the door on motherhood but in any case all were simply too young to make a permanent decision NOT to have childrenInvoluntarily ChildlessnessSeveral people interviewed had not chosen to defer pregnancy but were forced by circumstances beyond their control to remain childlessSeveral women felt that their educational and occupational choices had led to jobs which seriously affected their personal lives their chances of establishing relationships and having childrenDiscussion and Conclusion
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