SOC314 March 6th Readings (all of them)

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9 Apr 2012
Margaret Nelson, 2010. Introduction: no playpen
- Helicopter parent- mother or father who hovers over a student of any age
- Hovering often intense and welcomed by young adults
- Example: intensive frequent communication both parents and children desire it equally
- Hovering and possible link to new techonology??
- Professional middle class- parenting out of control
- Middle/working class parents- parenting with limits
- A descriptive Lens: The Importance of Class
- Privileged parents put child rearing front and center
- Ex, they avoid shortcuts (playpens)
- Professional middle-class parents want both to protect their children from growing up too
quickly and to push them to high achievement at an early age
- Way lower/middle class and professional middle class view education is different
- Working-class and middle class parents assume that higher education will prepare their children
to live on their own; they are more concerned with skills that will ensure self-sufficiency than
they are with passion and fun
- Lower/middle class feel that they do not need to be involved in every decision about their
children’s lives
- An Analytical Lens: Finding Cause
- No single cause for professional-middle class parenting style
- Professional middle class goal- improve child’s social, cultural and economic capital
- Improve of parenting technologies such as cellphones because they enable parents to be
intimate and aware of their children. Do not approve of technologies that offer either constraint
or surveillance (example GPS chips) they are morally repugnant
- Own presence and on intimacy as hallmark for parenting
- Less privileged parents prefer clear rules and the assistance of more technology
- Out of control parenting often consumes the lives of the parents who adopt it, often at the
expense of other meaningful relationships
- Strategy of control relies less on enclosure and confinement than on constant communication
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