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Alexandra Marin

Organization and Institution In Delinquent Groups By Mark Warr Main Findings  Data from National Survey of Youth are used to examine delinquent groups  Focuses on attention to identity and role of instigators in those groups  Delinquent groups are small and transitory  Offenders often belong to multiple groups and therefore have larger network of pool of accomplices  Groups appear to be more specialized than individuals suggests offense specialization is primary source of group differentiation  Most groups tend to have an identifiable instigator who tends to be older, more experienced, and emotionally close to other members  Males more likely to follow other males, as well as women  As a rule, offenders do not consistently assume role of instigator or joiner over time, but instead switch from one role to the other  Roles that offenders adopt are not determined by a stable individual trait, but by situational interaction of group and individual characteristics  Shaw and Mckay – found more than 80% of juveniles appearing before the Chicago Juvenile Court had accomplices  Gold – found 75% of delinquent offences in Flint Michigan was committed with others  Reiss – concluded that group offenses were more common with juvenile delinquency, solo offending uncommon for young ages  Cohen- Delinquent groups provide forum for achieving status and demonstrating loyalty by committing delinquent acts Do Groups Matter?  Because group character of delinquency is not different from other legal forms of adolescent behavior, it is unclear whether there is causal significance in group delinquen
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