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Week 14: Reading Notes

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Jennifer Kayahara

SOC356: Technology and Society Spring Term Reading Notes Week 14: Networked Families (Rainie&Wellman: Chapter 6, Networked Families) The Triple RevolutionSocial Network, Internet and Mobile o Homes are no longer castles. Rather, they are bases for reaching out and networking Modern Families= Networked Families o Networked families: individual discretion, abundant opportunities for communication and flexibility in togetherness o Lanytime and anywhere by phones and the Internetkly connected at o Household member as a semi-autonomous individual, with herhis own agenda, using a multitude of transportation and communication media to contact and coordinate with each other. Individual nature of technology and transmutation of households into networks o ICTs foster individual to individual contact o In addition, there are social and cultural changes Personal car ownership (rather than the one-for-all family car), women working outside of the home, shifting family composition (smaller, with multiple marriages and parentage), and paid services for the work formerly done by homemakers, such as lower cost fast-food and family restaurants. The Way It Is Used to Be (1950s-1970s) 1950s-1970s www.notesolution.com
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