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Social Support and Mental Health R Jay Turner and Robyn Lewis BrownIntroduction Support keep from failing or giving way give courage confidence or power of endurance to supply with necessities lend assistance or countenance to Social support involves the presence or implication of stable human relationships Social support stress and coping are the 3 most import constructs in mental health research Hammer MakieskyBarrow and Gutwirth social linkages are the basic building blocks of social structure and their formation maintenance and severance are universal and fundamental social processes Primary Group Theory Our sense of morale is sustained by membership in primary groups and with it endangers humans cognitiveemotional stateLynch we have a biological basis for our need to form loving human relationships and if not fulfilled our health is at risk Spitz institutionalized infants who dont get contact with mother have severely affected nervous systems and influences social emotional and psychological development and functioning Parents social support is crucial to personality and social development Durkheim People who werent properly socially integrated more often committed suicide Social support may represent an important buffer against the impact of life stress and thereby protect ones mental health Concepts of Social Support Social support is referred to in relation to structuralsocial aspects of human relationships and interactions Social supporta multifactorial constructhow certain one is about being loved valued and can depend on others when in needCobb info belonging to one of more of the following 3 classes1Info leading the subject to believe that he is cared forloved2Info leading the subject to believe that he is esteemedvalued 3Info leading the subject to believe that he belongs to a network of communication and mutual obligation Cobb must distinguish between social support and support that is instrumental counselling assisting active mothering or material providing goods or servicesVaux social support is best viewed as a metaconstruct1 support network resources 2 supportive behaviour 3 subjective appraisals of supportPerceived Support emotional supportsubjective belief or appraisal that one belongs to a communicativecaring social network Structural Support ties to one another frequency of contact with social network membersstructural characteristics of social tiesthe degree of reciprocity strength of the bonds involved degree of similarity and density among network membersReceived Support the actual help that ones loved ones extend in providing either instrumental or informational assistance
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