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Katie Staurt

Social Support and Mental HealthTurnerBrownSocial Supportone social bonds social integration and primary group relations Social bonds and supportive relationships with others are essential to mental health and can protect one from the effects of stressSocial support is multidimensional it includes1 perceived2 structural3 received supportMajor Hypothesis low levels of social support increase the risk for depressive symptomology general support for this hypothesisbut there isnt consensus about how social support affects mental health main effect affecting mental health mediating variable buffers the effects of stress the degree to which social support is a main effect or a mediating variable varies across different social groups eg social status affects the availability of social support as well as ones exposure to stress gender SES marital status etc ones mental health status and personality also affect availabilitySocial support always involves either the presence or implication of stable human relationshipsSocial bonds social integration and primary group relations are central constructs in sociological theoryPrimary group theory central hypothesisour morale our sense of well being is sustained by membership in primary groups and that without any primary group affiliations we would become despairingwithdrawing from primary contacts would be seen as dangerous to an individuals cognitive and emotional statesChild development especially shows the effects of social support from parentshaving dramatic effects for personality and social development in children to later lifeDominant hypothesis social support may represent an important buffer against the impact of life stress and thereby protect ones mental healthConcepts of Social Support
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