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text book Chapter 1 – Work and Gender

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Last Lecture! 6/21/2011 7:10:00 AM International Women’s Day  CBC – what we all talked about  Feminist framework – who wants to be a feminist? o Is the stereotype still there? It serves to police the movement. o 3 rdwave issues – the media is important to criticize – obsession with weight. Face of feminism has changed and the issues have broadened. Not just separatists i.e. right to vote o men are feminists – gender equity problem is a female problem. Gender dichotomy – should be women’s worry, not men’s o masculinity and motherhood most criticized roles in society. o Google – tie – representation – white collar masculinity - breadwinner. didn’t choose a wrench. o Radical – different – uncomfortable – stereotypes and hubris needs to get out of the way so we can talk about inequality. Who wants to be a feminist? The F word  Women who care about whats happening to women  Same opportunists, same value  1913 – opinions that differentiate from a doormat.  1911- International Women’s Day.  ½ of NA university students = F, half of workforce. Why are we still marching?  They have al the work –  UN make up 53% world population – 1%, 11% corporate positions, 20% less than male? o What are the actual goals? Everchanging/ o Fought against alcohol – accelerated to violence in home. Temperance movement – were in the street. Demanded political action. Suffragist movement. 1918 – women won right to vote US – 1920 –as men left for WWi WWII - took jobs of men. Men who were working were expected to quit o Rise of suburbs – women knew how to use appliances nd o Second wave – 2 wave – is this all there is?  Revolution, not a reform  Shockwaves – created fear, rocked status quo  60s – make policy, not coffee. John F kennedy – presidential commission of womens status  equal pay, sexual harassment, stereotypes in media – major problems.  Equity law suits.  Paper and practice – long period of backlash.  Feminists – became seen as radicals  Passivity, dominance, - new myth - beauty myth – SEXUAL body image – keeps them insecure and crtiqueing themselves. Now this is a given.  90s wave – new fave o second wave – large upper class participations o race, class, sexuality, very youth oriented. Grew up with feminism o it is organic to us, sense of entitlement – makes us confident o manifestA – call for young women to take care of unfinished business o some people think job is done – there is no systemic oppression. What is left is human nature and decisions. o Problem:  Equal Pay: at work – make less money, second shift. Women respond by getting more qualified with education and create unions. They are collected in part time low paying jobs.  Wanted to successfully integrate women in work force – now doing same jobs outside of home  How little housework men do  Can’t do it all – 7/8 stay at home moms – don’t get recognition.  Stay at home moms – should be making 120, 000  GDP – measure of economic strength as a measure – all the work – doesn’t take unpaid work into account which is responsible for other work.  4.5 hours vs. 2 hours housework  census – not measuring unpaid work anymore  current government has been eroding womens rights – decrease – womens shelter, sexual help. They give money to shelter but don’t want us to question why women are there. No one has ever given power voluntarily – need to make political change .  Queen – Nelley McClung – 1929 – womenlegally recognized as persons in CA. o 308 seats in parliament – 68 are women o Peggy Nash – if you don’t have women at the table – no power. o What is holding them back – 1) fear of raising money, no one wants to invest in them  2) the fear of being exposed – too dyke, bad mom, etc. Is it too masculine or feminine? No, ju
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