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SPANISH SPA100Y1 NOTES Chapter 4 (4.1) PRONOUNS AS OBJECTS OF PREPOSITIONS (con + pronoun) In Spanish, you use pronouns as objects of prepositions when you want to say with + someone. SINGULAR PLURAL WITH US (males) CON NUESTROS WITH MYSELF CONMIGO WITH US (females)CON NUESTRAS WITH YOURSELVES CON VUESTROS WITH YOURSELF CONTIGO (males) WITH YOURSELVES CON VUESTRAS (females) WITH HIM CON L WITH THEM (males) CON ELLOS WITH HER CON ELLA WITH THEM (females) CON ELLAS W. YOURSELF W. YOURSELVES (FORMAL) CON USTED (INFORMAL) CON USTEDES EXAMPLES: I write with them. Escribo con ellos. You eat with us. Comes con nuestros. I play with myself. Juego conmi(Funny example.) NOTE that the personal pronoun can also be replaced by a noun. For instance: I write with a pencil. Escribo con un lapz. (4.2) CONTRACTIONS In Spanish, the word a means to and the word de means from. When a and de are placed in front of the definite article el, a contraction takes place in the following manner: A + EL AL (to the) DE + EL DEL (from the) NOTE that no contractions occur in front of the remaining definite articles {la, los, las} or in front of the indefinite articles {un, una, unos, unas}.
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