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Chapter 2

SPA220Y1 Chapter 2: Subjunctive

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Ivan Fernandez

Sub ve wishes, recommendstrans apin ans pelihood of Unbrauns, a other events occ Ang Uses WEIRDO (Nan clauses Wish aero,espero, Prefiero, insistoen, necesito que emahom Sento,bmento me dis esta medesondame ousta,me extrano, demage sseden es necesario,imatale,interesante fantasn shma, Cesce to verdad.com) -Dabtl dental dado Ines, no Pienso To apino.ncest Ponce que S, tal vez, 2. AGyechve Causes rchers to Scmethng that doesn'tekish or Fer is unsure it siea Clause. exists (don't ose pensaal a 3. Pdverb clauses acham in clcuse has rotocared because they express *without ge Canticences meros cue Ican tal que use infrahe 2-Purpose (Fora que la de que en caso de q 3.achon can't /won't happen befcreachcn inthe main Clouse (ones de que, singue, semprey axado Gs angab) pendino achom hasn't occured yet (hme manner canyurchas rreowar Atsent Indcahe. -erlin. -ar 2. irresudor 'yo in Present indicate inegula inaliams emcs amoS 3. Sem change in present -all farms trsemd -n es Eis. os dis an en Ue (morir Ser Sepa haber -haya dar-de ais sepas sepois Vay Seas estar-este hacer-haga Vaya Vayon Sepa Sepon venir VON a (imperfect te como t imperfect sby s if) drap the on fran uds in preente. wishes that cre unirhelyl Chola mpossibl Carlesy so len regulars Dance (Fodor queer, debe quiser an tuner viniera H haa chans sabi ,camortsanal hubierc 3Resent Perfect Pluscucmperfecto hubiera lhuharomas Past haya hayamos Post hbreras hubierar s hoyas hcyais huber hubaan haya hayan Review uses of Isc subect of verb r Passive Voice Verb 2. lmpersand B. Lo see hob Sera firmado B. Accident fueron frmados puerta se ab es utilizado. perdic catera. Aera abucheado 5. Suoyunche dent clauses Reuew: si clauses uses Hypothetical si chans that take place rah likdy Common expressians of pod wishes (espero que ammd) resent Ind. Present Que te di votas Cex: s Cho ran el Que dics te bedioA Cerna Que en pa desconse Terren A-- -indmo commands (main cause that ae ken to cccur Que J mre diap b que queda mpe tech Sib U2 cuond Ge fe voyas de vocacioros Sit Imperfect und. ind ng quiza(s), tal vez maybe. cartesy with deber poder er timp. So
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