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Jennifer Harris

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Harry Potter and the Functions of Popular CultureDustin KiddCrime is normal and necessary for a healthy societyEmile Durkheims The Rules of Sociological Method 69o Negative associations but it persists and is widespread if all agree its bad houls have been eradicated o Look past detrimental effects upon victims to identify benefits offering to society o Crime defines norms of society acceptable vs deviant establishes social boundaries social mainstream provides set of rituals to help build solidarity trials executions public punishment uniting observers collective right to social legitimacy produces innovation crime helping society in response or in itselfsocial change Pop culture important role in social cohesion pave way for change Popular invoking idea of famewidespreadcommercial culture common culture people go beyond tangible products to shared values and beliefsHarry Potter novels popular precisely for its fame and the breadth of its audience rather than for any civic ideals or folk qualities 72Pop culture normal element of all advanced capitalist societies 72 Culture industry in which culture reduced from art to businessMax Horkheimer and Theodor AdornoDialectic of Enlightenment Culture industry becomes filter for all forms of culture pop culture indistinguishable from others all culture becomes p
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