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University of Toronto St. George
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Jennifer Harris

Richard Lost  Analyze how themes and parallels articulated through stylistic decisions of filmmakers  Style sensitive approach allows richer, nuanced understadngins of how religious themes function in film  style-sensitive approach need not necessarily lead to questions of filmmakers’ intentions.” (547)  meaning partially expressed through stylistic considertations (i.e. lighting)  motifs require attention to style  film style o mise-en-scene – all captured within film shot, basic building block, whatever fills image, “provide a believable environment for the action” (549) o cinematography – how image is framed and photographed, duration of shot, special effects, framing… “Each aspect of every film’s cinematography results from filmmaers’ decisions and intentions” (550), demand attention o editing – transition, arrangement of shots, “crucial decisions that impact the development and expression of filmic themes” (551), temporal relationship, continuous vs discontinuous, o sound – volume, pitch, timbre, “Film is collaborative” (552), sounds associating with broader themes and contributing  four components used to express and develop religious motifs, greater understanding of religion in film  Stranger than Fiction  Wristwatch guide through daily routine and express relationship, associated with self  Equating character with watch, display thoughts, kitchen outline setting resemble face of watch, part of watch beomces embedded in arm… God as watchmaker (watch and watchmaker relationship), sh
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