SMC103Y1 Chapter Notes -Religious Text, Cultural Appropriation, Christian Symbolism

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Published on 19 Mar 2013
Popular culture “important because it can be a personally, culturally and socially
transformative activity” 21
How to understand nature of contemporary society, what culture helps live good
meaningful life, popular culture how encourage humane relatinoships and health
Study of religion in relation to the environment, resources and practices of everyday life
(how pop culture shapes religious belief and activities or is appropriated by religious
groups, how religion is represented in popular culture, and how religious groups
interact with popular culture) 21
o Religious studies in recent years shft away from examining as “abstract systems
of ritual and belief” towards exploring how “religions function in everyday
contexts” 22
o How communicate religious experience and beliefs in context of consumer
o How contermporary religion is shaped by “engaging with, or appropriating,
practices, texts and resources that are used in wider contemporary culture” 23
o Religious motivation and practices and general cultural form, cultural
o How religion rep in pop culture, become more “aware of cultural biases in the
way in which we perceive particular individuals or groups” 24
o i.e. no “chrisitan terrorists”
o what represenations ay about “wider biases, values and concerns in
contemporary society” and hot they serve, benefit or damage peoples
o “ideological critique,” broader concern with “isseus of representation in cultural
o how religious groups relate to popular cultural texts and practices that they
“perceive to be part of contemporary culure beyond the normal boundaries of
that group” 24
o studying religious responsses to pop culture can make more aware of “guiding
assumptions and methds that religious groups use to engage with popular
culture, as well as issues of the nature and effects of popular culture that may be
of more general concern within wider society” 25
Study of the ways in which popular culture may serve religious functions in
contemporary society
o Reinforcing certain values, how safe or accepted feelin communities
Missiological response to popular culture
o Pop culture and how xtians should relate, avoid or critique, or possible to find
healthy stimulation
Use of popular cultural texts and practices as a medium for theological reflection
o Humanist, post-Christian
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