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St. Michael's College Courses
Carly Manion

Toward a Fundamental Theological Interpretation of Vatican ll by Rahner (1979) 1. According to Karl Rahner, what are the three fundamental "eras" of Church history?  Jewish Christianity: fundamental proclamation of religion (from Jewish to Gentile)  Distinct cultural region: Hellenism and European culture and civilization (breaks from the Middle Ages to Englightment)  Entire world 2. How did Vatican ll represent a break or caesura, launching the Church into its third era? To what can this be compared?  Vatican ll: abstract and formal model of Church o Christian proclamation to have a hierarchy to speak to (allow for pluralism and local churches) o It was a break because it clears up the unclear and addresses problems that weren't notice before Selections from the Pastoral Constitution on the Church (#1-3, 40-45) in Vatican ll Note: Christus Dominus, Decree Concerning the Pastoral Office of Bishops In the Church, 1965 1. According to the bishops of the Council, how is the Church related to all humankind?  Pontiff is like Peter who was an Apostle under the guidance of Jesus sent by God who created humankind  Pontiff appoints Bishops like pastor of souls (Holy Spirits) 2. How and why do they describe the relationship between Church and world as a "mutual relationship"?  Established synods in order to address the world issues: united to Apostolic See (keeping in line with the Bishops)  Dividing up the diocesans in order to
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