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Carly Manion

The Catholic Church by Stewart (Chapter 14) 1. Why did Pope John XXlll summon the Second Vatican Council? What reason does Stewart offer to defend the claim that the Council "really is that important"?  Summoning: aggiornamiento (updating) sent letters to all church leaders; Christian unity o Established for dialogue among Christian groups and Christian Unity main focus  Reasons: o Aggiornamento: updating the Church and relevant teachings o Religious Freedom: conscience is key, no longer bylaw had to be by will o Ecumenism and interreligious dialogue: talking to other people about other beliefs o The church's mission: living the good news; standing for social justice o Scripture: read it for yourself; recognized individ. readings o the faithful: all working together to be church o diversity: different ways of being a church 2. Why is Vatican ll often called the "Council of the Church"? Which documents deal with the Church ad intra and which deal with the Church and ad extra?  Council of the Church: contribution to humanizing of members and community  Ad intra (at interior): Constitution on scared litgury, declaration on the relation of the church to non- catholics, dogmatic constitution on the church  Ad extra: (at exterior): Dogmatic Constitution of Divine Revelation, Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Vatican ll - Renewing the Church by Daniel Donovan 1. What does it mean to say, as Cardinal Suenens suggest (Donovan, 34), that Vatican ll marked an end to the eras of Christendom, the Counter-Reformation and Vatican l, respectively?  Counter Reformation: Unity of Western and Eastern Catholic Churches was broken but Vatican ll bridged together the differences and overcoming the prejudicies against protestants  Vatican l: Goal of Montini for the council: focus on episopacy in order to counter the papal primacy and not have that undervalue the Church ; build collegiality Pope John XXlll "Opening Address" by Walter M. Abbott 1. What, according to John XXlll, was his purpose in calling the Second Vatican Council? How should the Church promote its own teaching and reverse errors?  Purpose: Examining the past and resolving conflict; celebration
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