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University of Toronto St. George
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Carly Manion

The Catholic Church by Stewart (242 - 285) 1. What were some of the distinctive features of Ignatius' vision and the Society of Jesus?  Features of Ignatius' Vision o Unclear at first of what he should do and developed Spiritual Excercises which allowed mediation o Asked Pope Paul lll's blessing (ordinance) o View on protestant: Church was not putting teaching into practice (promoted Catholic Reformation) o Developed Society of Jesus (Jesuit)  Features of Society of Jesus o Not like Francisians or monastaries (focused on missions and education) o Developed schools which expanded beyond morality and into sciences 2. Who were some of the Jesuit who were active in the missions to Asia and Africa? What methods did they use, and why did these methods become controversial?  Pope Clement XIV dissolved the order of Jesuits because of uncutting  Pope Pius Vll help reconstruct  Mission to China o Matteo Ricci dressed as Confucian scholar and surrounded his house by science things to attract ppl.  Mission to Japan o Suspect missionaries were spies for Spain  Mission to India o Conflict btw. Rome and Portugal and lack of funds  Mission to Africa o Converting king and family, son remained Catholic o Missionaries use food as bribery to baptism causing Africians to assoc. Christianity w. slavery  Mission to Americas o Destroyed people's temples/massacred priest o Guarani natives were give food/shelter but attacked by Portugal and crumbled w. help of Jesuit 3. What are the various ways that the Church responded to new method of scientific enquiry?  Developed Jesuit science - seismology (with known Catholic inventors)  Church leaders told scientist which boundaries cannot cross  Copernicus work on sun-center universe welcomed by Church  Galileo was supported by the Church but not openly (change of pope Urban Vlll to Cardinal Barberini) o Told by him to teach as hypotheses but said it was the truth instead  Scriptures should not have to explain physical word only faith 4. Why did the American Revolution, French Revolution and Enlightment represent such a challenge to the Catholic Church?  American revolution o Colonist a stand against British mother (won and State and Church were separate)  French revolution o Made everyone have rights to liberty, property, security, equality, expression, religious toleration (nulled the Kin
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