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Carly Manion

Family Ethics Practices for Christians by Julie Hanlon Rubio (Chapter Three) 1. What, according to Rubio, is the problem with a "theology of ideals" (66) and the "language of perfectibility" (72) in Catholic teachings on family life, and how might the fiction of Flannery O' Connor help contemporary theologians respond to this problem?  Problem with Theology of Ideals: Difficult to guide in our own life's  Problem with Language of Perfectibility: doesn't recognize the difficulties o O'Connor suggests bringing in sin and imperfection because it shows the faith of the family and assume faith isnt there o O'Connor suggests sin and finitude allow us to realize our limitations as humans - they need faith but are told they don't need it, finitude  More evident in self-giving love of JPll 2. What are some of the issues that idealized depictions of family often overlook? What are some strategies indentified by Rubio for taking these issues more fully into account?  Overlook that in times of weakness they often need more than just each other o Family's imperfection is where grace is  Suggestions: fostering an authentic and mature communion - social change happens from below 3. Why is it problematic for Catholic teachings to "focus attention on the two spouses and on their sexual relationship" (84) in discussions of family life?  Shift away from self-giving and social responsibility Family Ethics Practices for Christians by Julie Hanlon Rubio (Chapter Four) 1. What does Ru
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