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The Preferential Option for the Poor by Gregory Baum (2005) 1. On what basis does Gregory argue that the Post-Vatican ll Catholic shifted from an organic view of human society to a more conflictive view?  First occurred in Latin American Churches in 1968 - Popes and bishops realized the troubles in the South by commercial Northern elitist  Gaudium et Spes reflected on welfare capitalism and said economic power badly influenced morals 2. Why was Pope John Paul ll so critical of a Neo-Liberal vision of globalization? What was his alternative?  He supported preferential option for the poor and defended the movement of workers for social justice (Church of the poor)  Priority of labor over capital and that everyone was created equal (demands that labors are not objects of production)  Should base on two ideas: Protecting the family and themselves and protecting God's good + strong independent 3. How, according to Baum, should the Church's teaching on social sin in the political realm change the way that Catholics view the Church itself?  Question of whether or not the Church can be sinful if we are to judge on the pol't realm o Sins in service of truth/harmed unity of Christ/people of Israel/again
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