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Nov 46SMC103Y1Chapter 13 Pages 263285 Setting Up a New Country The American RevolutionThe Boston Tea Party was part of the leadup to the American RevolutionThe colonists were not represented in Englands govt so they had no say on their taxesMost of the colonies were democratic and everyone had a say in what went onEventually Americans got tired of a system controlled by a king across the seaThe govt back in England however liked it because of their profitable business interestsndBy 1776 at 2 Continental Congress the colonists declared their aim to create their own countryAmerican Revolution not big war but was huge in terms of influence1871 won independence They established a representative form of govt and created a nation where Church and State were more separate than the Western World had ever seenReinventing an Old Country The French RevolutionEconomicagricultural disasters in the late 1780s led to famineanger against the kings govtReps of the common people were called together with clergy and nobility to deal with the crisisWhen the commoners got tired of both groups they called themselves a National AssemblyThe assembly issued by the Declaration of the Rights of Man stated that all men and presumably women have certain rights that cannot be taken awayBy 1791 France declared itself a republic and the king and queen were executedThe country soon found itself battling on every front and ending in a civil warGeneral Napoleon Bonaparte decided to restore orderBy 1804 he declared himself emperorBy 1807 most of Europe was at his mercyfourteen years later he died in exileBy 1870 the country was a fullfledged democracyBig Pro
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