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SMC291 Week 1 Readings 1312012 45800 PM CareyTech and Ideologyy Technology and ideology telegraph y Neglect of telegraph and effect on modern life and role as model for future y Dominated by first great industrial monopoly Western Union first communication empire and prototype of following industrial empires y Conjunction with railroad provide setting for modern techniques for management of complex enterprises y Telegraph war between Jay Gould and Vanderbilt interests for control of Edison patents rewriting of American law y First product of electrical goods industry first of science and engineering based industries y Changes in nature of language of ordinary knowledge of structures of awareness y Adams see telegraph as demonic device vs Thoreau agent of trivialization vs larger group see as agency of benign improvement in spirit moral economic and politics y Thought could travel by wire new form of reporting and knowledge envisioned to replace traditional literature with active form of scientific knowledge y Watershed in communication permitted for the first time communication from transportation y Messages separate from physical movement communication to control physical processesy Before telegraph communication transport and message transmittal but with telegraph allow symbols to move independently of and faster than transportation y Free from constraints of geography y Alter relation between communication and transportation and change ways in which communication was thought about transmission model about thinking about communication and displace older religious views y Bring new forms of language and new conceptual system and new structures of social relations national commercial middle class fosteredy Consequences
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