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Busby and Parker 272012 60600 PM y Essence of broadcasting y Transmission of radio waves electromagnetic wavesenergy y Frequency number of oscillations or cycles per second Hz hertz 1000 cycles per second megahertz 1 million y Wavelength distance between two consecutive maximas or tops of waves y VW x F Vvelocity of electromagnetic wave or speed of light y Amplitude size or magnitude of electric field and measure of energy transported by wavey Electrical power determines strength of radio wavey AM Band y Between 540KHz and 1600KHz y Channels 10KHz apart y Class 1 Clear channel station operate on 50000W render service to very large areas should be no interference from others y Class 2 secondary station on 25050000W may be subject to interference from class one designed to serve large areas y Class 3 regional station 5005000W service to principal centers of population and suburbs surrounding populous areas y Class 4 local station maximum of 1000W low as 250W during night designed to serve city or town and immediate suburbs smallest amount of AM frequency space limited range can operate on same freq across country y Additional subdivisions with conditions of operations y FCC steps to maximize use of frequencies y Half of AM stations licensed to operate only in daylight because carry to longer in evening from skywave activity y Limitations in transmitter power to keep station transmitter within assigned freq boundaries y Directional antennas to control transmissions in proper directiony FM Band y Between 88 and 108MHz y Educational and noncommercial broadcasting space y Licensed to institutions NPR
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