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SMC291 Week 2 Readings 272012 85300 PM Public Service Broadcastingy Public service and broadcasting y Government intervention to regulate the outcome of wavelength scarcity and problems of financing y Idea of public service originally ad hoc practical arrangements and shifting terms of debate y Problem of financing because radio and TV enjoyed in homes and natural resources like switch but have to pay to enter special play to enjoy y British solutionBritish Broadcasting Company y Definition of broadcasting as public utility and mandate to develop it as a national service in public interest come from state y Interpretation effort to realize meaning in development guided by considerations of public interest come from broadcasters and John Reith managing director of British Broadcasting Corp y Desirability of conduct of broadcasting as public service y Educative role and broadcasters dev contracts with great educational movements and institutions to use medium of radio to foster spread of knowledge y Cogent advocacy of public service as cultural moral and educative force to improve knowledge taste and manners y Reithradio social and political function too y Could bring together all classes of population powerful promoting social unityy Cite George V when opening British Empire Exhibitionfirst time king had been heard on radio effect of making nation as one man y Provide common access for all to wide range of public events and ceremoniesroyal wedding World Cup Proms broadcasting act as kind of social cement binding people in shared idioms of public corporate national life y Immense potential for helping creation of informed and enlightened democracy y Enable interest in many things from which previously excluded y Emergence of new and mighty weight of public opinion y Enabled by radio to make up own minds previously accept dictated and partial versions of others
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