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St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

History of International Broadcasting 292012 42100 AM y Radio social instrument exclusive preserve of upper middle classes at first although original intention to disseminate entertainment to masses y BBC live up to stereotype of average listener in full evening dress elegance radio announcers chosen from upper classes and in evening dress y Kings English y Control tight no political or socialism talks y Best indication that gov aware of broadcastings potential was fact that initially no news was permitted to be broadcast strictly in control of press y Growth of radio in Britain stifled by cost of receiving license and cost of receiver comparable to car y Social status symbol of personal prestige y Working man ideally sought to change radio annually y Changing set allconsuming passion for those who could afford it for those who cant hire purchase y 1922 BBC limited broadcasting some parts of Britain not good reception y Eckersley and developing transmitter network y 4 years growth raising technical standards in studio and transmission fee paying license holders risen demonstrate possibilities and potential of new sciencey 1926 BBC as company dissolved and replaced by government corp Royal Charter director general Reithy General Strike of 1926 provisional arrangements made to take over BBC instrument to serve government commandeer November Postmaster General tell House of Commons he instructed BBC ot to broadcast public policy opinions y Transmitting stations guarded against takeover during strike prohibited from commenting on strike or reporting news compiled by gov for broadcasting y Miners longer strike biggest threat to government bring poverty and humiliation to coal workers concentrate mind of gov on need to exercise strong political control more on BBC y BBC reach out to large sector of community including working class by late 1920s y Little change in programmes but concession to upper class in general y Reith believe his divine destiny to charge Brit broadcasting monopoly as virtue duty to choose ad broadcast what he thought was good for public rather than public choosing y Broadcasting standard tightened after Royal Charter wearing of evening dress b announcers now compulsory one of first changes of Reith y Presume to understand what working man wanted y Social manipulation rather than entertainment y First country to perceive radio as means of dissemination of propaganda on national level yy Propaganda Cradle years 19271938 yy Become instrument of foreign policy for information broadcasting propaganda y Britain among first to realize perfect medium for communicating with world y Soviet and Germany begin SW service begin programmes in different languages y Britain only use English because intended for intelligentsia y BBC permission to build more permanent short wave transmitter y Global nature of Britain thought given to choice and arrangement of antennas use directional antennas for each five zones in world Australia South Africa West Africa and Canada had to produce broader beam widths than point to point y George V first monarch to speak to people throughout world 1932 transmission directed to Australasia then repeated and beamed to other parts at intervals y First royal Christmas broadcast begin with world Through the marvels of modern science speak to all peoples throughout the world y Broadcasting instituted as regular service from 1932 in Britain purpose of keeping colonial civil servants in touch with mothers country y Help keep British culture alive in minds of subjects y Reith contemplate idea of empire broadcasting service before but not met with enthusiasm support from Commonwealth in 1929 increased awareness to use of radio as instrument of foreign policy
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