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Jennifer Harris

InnisIndustrialism and Cultural Values292012 102400 PM y Each civilization believes its uniqueness and superiority to other civilizations y Writing on culture can be divided into those trying to weaken other cultures and those attempting to strengthen their own y St Augustine emphasis on original sin implied attack on those representing secular state as John Locke emphasis on tabula rasa was basis of attack on ecclesiastical hierarchy work of Spencer on progress was basis for claim to supremacy of AngloSaxons y Civilization remarked as disease almost invariably fatal unless cause is checked in timeDean Inge Hindus and Chinese survive by marking time y Hume when arts and sciences come to perfection naturally decline and seldom revive in that nation where formerly flourish intense cultural activity followed by fatigue y Capacity to concentrate on intense cultural activity during short time and mobilize intellectual resources over a vast territory assumes important extent that development of armed forces to high state of efficiency y Cultural activity capable of impressing people designed to emphasize prestige index of power y Concern for continuity biological limitations of patriarchal system as basis for dynasties and difficulties of maintaining high cultural level for long will involve emphasis on types of architecture to reflect control over time as well over space y pyramids index of power over time but dynasties represented by them displaced and in turn concentrate on new monuments to enhance prestige y old capital sites scattered along Nlledemands of successive dynasties for prestige y Tigris and Euphrates problem of time reached before problem of space became acute y Religious communities with hierarchical organization characterize Sumerian architecture dependent on bricks from clay writing on clay basis for comm admin and trade y Organized force rep by Sargon and Akkadians bring religious communities under ocontrol and with access to writingvast empire y Religion based on writing Sumerican culture proved sufficiently strong throw off foreign ruler and support capital for dynasties
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