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Jennifer Harris

Nature of Radio Drama 2112012 61500 PM y Under Milk Wood represents a perfection to which all future radio dramatists should refer and aspire to many listeners y Legend as well as play one of few everyone knows about y Fruit of thirty years of accumulated experience of medium experience of tools it provides and of strengths and limitations using them in certain ways y Printed page cant do full choice to radio listener forced to be reader finds minds ear inadequate to voices and music and silence of realized text and has to content self with barest of bones y consider major advantage of studying radio drama carry stage around y Spatial action of drama and reality relationship temporarily law class y Elizabethan actor playing Faustus operate in different realities sometimes Rome Wittenberg visible hell audience assent to story of one man and nature of universe summed up by phyiscal stage y Elizabethan and prosceniumarch stages pictures of spiritual world of audience and playwrights y Stage of radio is darkness and silence bring picture without scenic artist y Bedtime story create with assistance an alternative reality y Words spoken become designer producer scene shifters theatre itself y Paradise Lost mind is its own place can make heaven of hell or hell of heaven y Inside head create exact image from words and place where image performs y Transporting in time move forward or backward past or future just need use of sound to signify temporal shift mic eliminate need for elaborate makeup or transformation scenes yy Willingness of audience to participate in creative act is largely owing to ndintimacy of radio 2 major part y As soon as hear words whispered into ear voice apparent and seize imagination sound literally inside invasion creation begins y These Flowers are Bot for you ro pick move from present to recent past childhood to present shift from sea to nursery takes directly into mind of hero at point of crisis sound of waves an closeness of his voice young clergyman drowning on his way to China mission Guthrie sense of intimacy reinforced by pattern of play radio doesnt move in space but in time by sounds and description give illusion of aplace depending on relationship to mic impression of depth y Spatial subtleties still rare y Taken through development make jumps in time and space but towards specific goal development and relationship to framework of story Edwards struggle in waves each stage in life marked by scene culminating decision unite symbols of spectacles incompetence and inadequacy and water in which drown and declare love spectacles sink and unite ymbols lose dimension of being with them at end man of true integrity y Guthrie preface plays with announcements Rememeber you are overhearing her thoughs she is alone y Possible reluctance of early listener to commit so closely to radio without reassurances in implicit words yy MacNeice use device of splitting mind into different voices confident of taking listener into complex mind y By now sophisticated quantitiy of info that listeners can process Christopher Columbus and faith conflict of two world pictures flat and round religious beliefs dreams myth makingy Iconography of medium guitar enough to tell listeners theyre in Spain seldom waste words on air poetic cast but sometimes need to abandon literary and gain from spokenness of world voic colouring clichy Dark Tower medium turning to roots tale told in dark magic and dragons use discovered resources acoustic variety evocative sounds lonely heartbeat poetry and music feeding imagination not just pleasant y Selfconfidence ie masons of Muses Muses joining BBC and ensure radio drama at its best but MacNeice failed to discover more because of very skill y Dark Tower world around sound stage Roland lives listeners build up environment in minds evidence law always know hearsay evidence words evoking image gone enter head and no external evidence they existed constantly support imagination when Roland on boat y Advance plot and fundamentally keep inner eye a reality it wants us to accept stop sea from disappearing
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