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University of Toronto St. George
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Jennifer Harris

History of TV News and Institutions 2122012 41300 AM y BBC company and corporation y Broadcast news summary of copyright news exchange telegraph 1920s news considered copyrightable y In eyes of law constructed created unique not in public domain not objective y Summaries prepared by agencies and acknowledged as such y Not vertically integrated BBC was publisherbroadcaster put airwaves product prep by someone else y BBC formed as commercial company content provider produce programme software to drive hardware sales y Private but subject to strict regulation in return for monopoly license from Post Office y Funded by license fee paid by owners of radio receivers not ad cant broadcast before 7pm because newspaper lobbying from threat y Begin gathering news because of General Strike 1926 forbidden in normal conditions new role of sole source of news accurate with news being more important institutional value than being fasts y Behaving like public institution properly before General Strike become one 1927 Reith as director y Radio predominantly live studiobound medium telephone for eyewitness reports y 1939 Dimbleby abroad to Spain report on war speak live into 10 o clock bulletin with one foot in France and one in Spain one of only 2 reporters at BBC when war 1939 y war enable him to develop as reporter after war travel to Middle East and cover events return to UK 1943 best and first radio reporter y War Reporting Unit from Africa and Italy y Dimbleby report from bombers over Germany moving description of concentration camp radio journalism at best record horros of war and end end of an era in broadcast news y War accelerate dev already in progress y Tech growth exponential sound and pictures on film y Lightweight film cameras enable military and newsreel cameramen to work in dangerous situations unthinkable earlier y Methods of broadcast journalism evolve as quick as tech eyewitness reporting of hard news stories on location using rec pieces in live bulletins still pattern yy Birth of TV y Roosevelt fist President on TV show 1939 New York World Fair CBC broadcast y Pearl Harbor TV return to lab CBS broadcast nonstop without any film explaining NYC viewers events TV news gone on first roll to cover major breakingy German continue broadcasting throughout war including tv news y BBC closed down to prevent Luftwaffe bombers from using transmitters y WWII Black Friday BBC ordered close last item to be transmitted was Mickey Mouse cartoon after great victory parade in London TV service resumed to emphasize continuity and first days prgramme was interrupted cartoon yy Newsreel Pictures and Radio Words y Postwar brit tv news not dynamic outofvision newsreader over shot of clock y Haley Director General newsreels as entertainment medium of film for proper newssubordinate primary functions of news to needs of visual presentation y Emphasis on certain hard new stories such as crashed and human interest pictureled stories what filmed news does best y NBC produce news telecasts finally decide to produce own films CBS more inclined to radio pattern TV news same structures for writers and editors same standards as radio faile attempts hire Telenews to produce film footage for broadcasts y 1948 NBC programme Came Newsreel Theatre grow it with same presenter CBS News with Douglas Edwards y before1950 American TV news established feature of broadcasting by inhouse ntwk news divisions y instititutional arragnements provide what was already distinct form of output
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