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Jennifer Harris

Radio Redefines itself 19471962 2122012 40400 AM y Ntwk programming from NTC dominate local station schedules financed by national ad feature dramas quiz shows adventure series comedies news and informational programs secondary music mostly live to fill in time during and between rpgorams y Cultural and aesthetic standards nationalist and middlebrow stable and successful y Change within decade number of stations tripled transistor inc portability families no longer gather around radio for variety programs but drawn to tv screen y CBS NBC ABC feed less to radio ranks decline precipitously managers scrambling to fill schedule and retain shrinking audience turn to local rpogramming onair talent ad recorded musicy Uncertainty and unpredictability brief experimentation era yy 1950s industrial responses to tech industrial social dev codified into Top 40 radio programming y compete against each other for overall ratings but broadcasting evolve into narrowcastings as stations dev brands through music selection to define audience and reduce uncertainty for advertisers y seemingly give audience greater choice but formats highly standardized by owners replicating same processes at all of stations y 1960s tightly regulated formats and rigid playlists dominate radio yy US radio history network era and format era y Transitional periods feature competitive approaches to media organization and practices social and cultural consequnces vaired and unpredictable clearly test lessons than stable periods before or after y National trendsy Austin Texas mediumsized removed from coast distinct local class structure sizeable minority population extensive and diverse musical history y Hybrid musical culture illustrates confluence of social dev eco possibilities and political considerations typifying era y 19471962 remarkable time in history of radio provide new venues for expression of regional class and ethnic ids radio instrumental role in series of major transformations in American culture
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