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Pg 40-60  96-180 CE = golden age of the empire age of prosperity, industrialization, economic growth  In the span of 50 yrs 25 ppl claimed to be emperor of rome emperor Gallienus had to deal with 18 ppl who claimed his throne  Diocletian came into power at 284 in 293 he divided the empire into 4 administrative districts he appointed a co emperor and two lesser emperors he put wage and price controls in place to deal with inflation and began a massive persecution of Christians; all apart of his attempt to bring peace to society  The word bishop comes from the word episkopos which means overseer  In attempts to discuss issues over the church and gospel teachings they held  Decons and deaconesses were the bishops helping hands  Ppl were free to believe what they wanted in the roman empire as long as they participated in the sacrifices that kept the roman gods happy; ppl thought when battles occurred that the gods were also fighting and battling in heavens and if you god was defeated in heaven than you would loose the battle on earth  Many ppl thought that Christians were doing inappropriate things and so emperors would sometimes send out ppl like pliny to spy on them emperor Hadrian saw this and ruled in 124 that anyone who accused Christians of these false impure activities would be punished  In 303 Diocletian wanted Christianity removed  The great persecution under Diocletian was the most serious destruction of all churches, bibles were destroyed and burnt, Christians were fired etc Christians who didn’t follow with worshipping other gods were tortured  2 ways Christian writes try to deal with the persecution by explain Christianity to others and rejecting those who p
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