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Pg 111-130 Oct 3-5 WEEEK  Merovingians clovis was first in a line of kings known as the merovingians after a Merovingian king died a bloody battle would ensue to determine his successor th start of 8 cent = king power had weakened  carolingians In 723 mayor Charles martel led an army that defeated Muslim troops invading from spain; Charles here have his name to a new dynasty, the Carolingians pepin was a famous Carolingian king but most famous was Charlemagne  Charlemagne ruled from 768-814 rd pope leo 3 crowned him emporer of a revived roman empire this new empire led to the creation of the holy roman empire by otto 1 of germany in 962 Pg 182-86  Dominicans focused on preaching rather than on the spirituality of poverty preached gospel to where it was needed and in a way that could be reached by all they lived in the world and tried to change it through the gospels Pg 131-194 Oct 12-19  Why did the eastern empire remain strong while the west collapsed? bulk of pop and wealth fell in the eastern part so they were prepared to face hard times east extended south a little bit the western emporers power slipped away as Germanic troops steadily carved off pieces of his territory for themselves  Church splits (east vs west) because: they spoke diff languages; east they spoke greek latin in west they thought differently about political issues the pope became a political ruler in a way that the European patriarchs never dreamed and when Charlemagne came along in 800 and had himself crowned emperor with the pope’s approval people in the east saw him as trying to take the throne that rightfully belonged to their own emperor they thought differently about theological issues eastern theologians talking about Christ giving humans a way to become divine once again, while western scholars thought more in terms of Christ saving humanity from the consequences of their sins feuds over whether priests could marry or not, talks about fasts, west saw pope as head of the whole ch
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