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PG 63-110
4th cent church structure = priests and deacons serve local churches which are led by bishops who are under
authority of metropolitan bishops
today structure = priests serve parishes that are org and led by bishops, archbishops supervise a # of diocees and
the pop stands at the head
Before being a Christian Constantine was a worshipper of the sun god
he never let go of the title pontifex maximus (chief pagan priest)
he had a statue showing himself as the sun god erected in the center of Constantinople;
this remained a center of cult worship of Constantine for the rest of the century
said god was god and everything else was everything else; jesus=everything else to him
didnt see god and jesus at same lvl
he says god’s intention was to use the son to bring salvation to the world so the son was born into the body we
call jesus
was a priest in Alexandria and when ppl started agreeing with his views bishop Alexander called a council for this
controversial topic
council of nicea dealt with this
nicea also dealt with lapsi, heretics, Nicene creed (filioque)**,unity of church, structure of church, dignity
of clergy, liturgry
bishop of Alexandria after arius
the most forgiving of arius’ troubles
accused of immorality, illegally taxing citizens, supporting rebels against emporer, terrorizing arians, and
murdering a bishop
the way he saw it was that humans were made to be immortal, a perfection reflection of god. Ppl only lost
immorality and became imperfect cuz of sin
he said that Christ made it possible for humans to reflects gods image of perfectly ; for him its important
that Christ and god =same substance
Gregory of nyssa
agreed that son was divine
very interested in holy trinity
he said that god exists in three person but all three have one substance
Council of Constantinople
known as 2nd great ecumenical council
all 150 bishops came from the east
didnt like ppl calling mary the theotokos (bearer of god)**
how could this be he said if mary gave birth naturally; god was b4 mary so marys is bearer of jesus not god
Cyril thought Nestorius went too far with this assumption
he held a synod in rome that condemned nestorious
cyril sent nestorious 12 condemnations of his position and told him to sign it or be declared heretical; nestorious
sent back the 12 condemnations back unsigned
cyril then called a council and council deposed Nestorius but later john of Antioch arrived called his own council
and deposed cyril
nestorian churches today still exist in iran, and parts of india
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