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The Catholic Church p. 11-40  Church’s history was about everyone coming to pursue god’s will  Knowledge + wisdom: knowledge is about learning things and wisdom is about understanding them  Inside view and outside view: many groups over the centuries have found their beliefs declared heretical cuz they diff from church teaching; from the church’s inside perspective at the time it was a duty to protect the church from heresy  Rome had the most efficient army the world had ever seen  You were automatically a citizen if your parents were citizens; if not u cud gain the honour if u were a former slaved freed by a citizen and if u did certain kinds of service for the empire. citizens outside rome were exempt from certain taxes the other locals had to pay  Hellenism= to speak greek  Alexander the great tutored by Aristotle he was fascinated by the greek way of life he looked for places to conquer and quickly gained control of much of the eastern Mediterranean + middle east he introduce Hellenism and named sites after himself he had temples built for conversion into worshipping of the greek gods his mvnt led to the widespread use of greek as a language  In 2 cnt BCE, Judea was under control of the Seleucid empire; one of the spin offs of alexander’s empire  ^^this changed when Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 170 BCE ordered all lands under his rule of Hellenising Antiochus said male children cudnt be circumcised in accordance with jewish law he killed ppl within the temple walls he ordered the temple to convert and worship greek gods  Macabees; jewish group they rose up in revolt in 167 BCE and tossed the Seleucids out of Judea they rededicated the temple and returned the land to jewish rule they ruled Judea till 63 BCE when roman general pompey was asked to settle a dispute over who should rule st  In 1 cent rome it was ur civic duty to worship the gods and emporers  Mystery religions usually focused on a god who had somehow overcome death; either by going through the cycle of death and rebirth or going to hell and back to earth  Most pop mystery religion was devoted to a Persian god; mithra The day of mithra’s miraculous birth was celebrated dec 25 and according to traditions shepherds wud bring gifts  Sadducees upper class; priestly class; wealthy;powerful saw temple worship as the center of jewish religious life only what was in the torah was important they wanted good relations with roman overlords didnt like Hellenism  Pharisees only what was in the torah was important(agreed with sadds); but they thought oral tradition was also vital middle class, they were sceptical of Hellenistic ideas felt worship was vital in life in jesus time there were 2 main groups of Pharisees; 1. Emphasis on the letter of the law, 2 emphasis on letter of the spiri
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