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St. Michael's College Courses
Jeffrey Kopstein

-media is a product something we comsume and something that has a value; that value is something we give it -eliteism; pride in or awarness of being of one elite group. We take pride in that -comsumation; as a media the expandaour of its production for final personal use. An economic use of consumation -commdity; an exchangeable unit of economic wealth. -commidity different than product; if on sell u want to sell product more than commidity. Commidity is almost the same ex. Cellphone has similar features. Exchangeable unit of economic wealth -mode of production, commidity fetishisam -profit motive; marxist it drives it forward to capitalist to a point that it will eventually capist. The continous to increase capital -base; is the economic foundation of society. -look over all key concepts -concentration; business acure and have more and more control -karl marx 19th century thinkers -influenical sociaal thinker of his time -he embraced revolutionary thoughts; was exile from germany than france found him self in london england. To write and gain influence from that location -marxist analysis; one form of looking at media -looks at expolitation and alientation as central point in media -if should look at 6 question; to see marxist analyis -what is the economic system behind media? Does it show economic system -who own control the media? Who influences it greatly -what role do the media play in society? Not all role in society is equal some roles can be educational; through teaching, economical; through advertisment. Media that relates to masses as a way of governing/ dr
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