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Chapter 4 MagazinesTargeting the AudienceBy the Early 1950sHenry Luces TimeFortune magazines were well established He travelled the world and met with people all over who wanted to talk sports with him But he had no knowledge of sportsEventually he gave in to the demand and created Sports Illustrated It was one the earliest magazine that set the trend today for magazines to target a specific audience Today magazines generate success by catering to their audience with articles and ads that reflect what readers wantMagazines Reflect Trends and CultureGlamour by Conde Nast reaches over 2 million readers each month top 10 womens magazines Parentingnations most successful family magazine targets primarily new parents and parents with small childrenMaxim targets young adult males had one of the most successful magazine launches ever when debuted in 1997 it was published by same company as Rolling Stone and has 25 million readersMagazines reflect the surrounding culture and the characteristics of the society readers lifestyles and needs change magazines will follow Current trend towards specialty mags and internet mags is the response to shrinking readersColonial Magazines Compete with Newspapers1741 50 years after the first newspaper magazines join the American media Magazines carry culture political and social ideas to help foster national identityBenjamin Franklin and Andrew Bradford raced to become americas first magazine publisher Franklin originated the idea but Bradford got dibs first by publishing American Magazine in 1741 Franklins mag came 3 days later General MagazineNeither magazine lasted very long They did not carry ads so it became too expensive to produce and circulation was limited to people who could afford them Magazines Travel Beyond Local BoundariesNewspapers were limited to city boundaries even if cities are large National news spread very slowly Books were expensive so magazines became americas only national medium to travel beyond local boundariesThe Saturday Evening Post started in 1821 4 pages and cost only a nickel each No illustrations and 1 page were all ads It was affordablePublishers Locate New Readersth19 century publishers found many other audiences to target and spend a century to locate readers needs Magazine subjects endured the 1800s were women issues social crusades literature and the arts and politicsWomen issues
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