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Sept 12 Textbook Chapter 1  41% of the time in a day people are using media  Mass media is everywhere you are ; touches you economically, socially, and politically  Today’s technology makes mass media wireless ( abbrev. Wi Fi )  Today’s digital environment is an intricate, webbed network of many different types of communications systems that will eventually connect everyone  To understand mass communication in the digital age, first it is important to understand the process of communication  Communication is the act of sending messages, ideas, and opinions from one person to another/  Three ways to describe how people communicate :  Intrapersonal communication (communication within a person ex. Silent debate)  Interpersonal communication (direct sharing of an experience between two people ex. People relying on their five senses)  Mass communication (communication from one person or a group of persons through a transmitting device)  Communications model : sender, message, receiver, channel, feedback, and noise – a sender puts a message on a channel (medium) that delivers the message to the receiver. Feedback occurs when the receiver responds and that response changes subsequent messages from the source. Noise can interrupt or change the message during transmission  The term media refers to more than one medium  Mass communication shares three characteristics 1. Message is sent out on some form of mass communication system 2. Message is delivered rapidly 3. Message reaches large groups of different kinds of people simultaneously or within a short period of time  Mass media industries describes the eight types of mass media businesses  Books Book publishing, the oldest media industry, is a static industry Book publishers are trying to expand their sales by selling e books (alternative to print)  Newspapers Advertising makes up two – thirds of the printed space in daily newspapers O
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