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Chapter 1 Mass Media and everyday life. Biagi Mass media are everywhere you are - During the day, the average person spends more time with the mass media than without it - Todays adults spend more than half walking lives with the media- more time than they spend sleeping - The media affect almost all aspects of the way people lie, and the media collect unprecedented amounts of money for delivering information and entertainment. 454 billion a year Mass communication becomes wireless - Todays technology makes media wireless - The new mass media are as convenient as your cellphone or your ipod - Todays digital environment is an intricate, webbed network of many different types of communications systems that eventually will connect every home school, library and business in the United States. Most of the systems in this digital environment are invisible - Global communications systems uses broadcast, telephone, satellite, cable, computer technologies to connect everyone in the world to a variety of services. Eventually accessible and affordable everywhere in the world How communication process works - Communication is the act of sending messages, ideas and opinions from one person to another. Writing and talking to each other are only two ways human beings communicate. Gesture or movement are also ways we communicate - Three ways to describe how people communicate are: Intrapersonal communication, Interpersonal communication, Mass communication - Intrapersonal communication is communication within one person - To communicate with each other people rely on their 5 senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste - Mass communication is communication through a transmitting device (a medium) to large audiences or markets - Interpersonal communication involves the sender, the message and the receiver - In mass communication, the sender or the source puts the message on what is called a channel - The channel or the medium delivers the message. The channel could be the cable line that hooks int the back of your tv set.Amedium is the means by which a message reaches an audience - The receiver is the place where the message arrives - Noise is any distortion such as static that interferes with clear communication - Feedback occurs when the receiver processes the message and sends a response back to the sender - Mass communications today shares three characteristics: 1.Amessage is sent out on some form of mass communication system such as internet, print or broadcast 2. The message is delivered rapidly 3. The message reaches large groups of different kinds of people simultaneously or within a short period of time What are the mass media industries Mass media industries: - Books - Newspapers - Magazines - Recordings - Radio - Movies - Television - Internet - Books, newspapers and magazines wereAmericas only mass media for 250 years after the first American book was published in 1640. The first half of 20th century brought four media- recordings, radio, movies and TV- in less than 50 years. The late 20th century brought Internet Book Publishing • Publishers issue about 40000 titles a year in the United States • Retail Bookstores in the United States account for one-third from all money earned from book sales • The rest book clubs, in college stores, to libraries and to school districts for use in elementary and high schools • Book publishing, the oldest media industry, is a static industry, with very little growth potential Newspapers • 1500 daily newspapers in the United States • Evenly divided between morning and afternoon delivery but the number of evening paper is declining where as the circulation of morning paper is growing • Number of weekly newspapers are also declining • Advertising makes up more than two thirds of the print
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