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XEROX The West Shall Shake the East Awake – A Jesuit in China  1583: Matteo Ricci - First Westerner in China set foot for cultural globalization  Born 1552 Italy, died 1610 in China  He was a Jesuit – at that time in Italy, being a Jesuit was being anti-Italian and anti-patriotic.  His major work, called commonly – the Commentaries of China is synthesis of all his works in various languages.  Ricci didn’t complete the work bc he died – but it was completed and translated by Trigault, a Belgian Jesuit and historian. Ppl compelting and follwing Ricci’s works: Trigault, Tacchi-Venturi, D’Elia – all were Jesuits.  Ricci went to China as a missionary, and there he published many works. Although Chinese had invented the printing press 500 years before they didn’t use it like the Europeans  His first works were done at his home with help of servants – engraved on wood  To the Chinese, Ricci’s scientific teaching was some sort of trick devised to appeal to the curiosity of the Chinese intellectuals and then covert them to Christianity. They were attentive to Ricci.  Ricci had only converted 2000 Chinese, but despite low numbers, he continued to preach – he felt a very equal dignity in every human being.  Ricci’s religious virtues as civic virtues became a mental state, basic condition of the modern, emancipated, democratic societies.  Before Ricci, Francis Xavier had attempted to come to China, but failed.  While it was thought at the time (by Father Superior) that teaching philosophy and theology to native students were prohibited bc that will make Indians as knowledgeable as Europeans thus become arrogant
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