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SMC313 What did Power really want?  Neighbourhoods and families became seriously divided over the right and necessity to allowed the provinces cahtolics to establish and maintain punlicly funded separate schools  Michael power’s closest associates: John Elmsley and Ryerson  Ryerson’s view of MP was that he preferred a common non sectarian school system  It is elmsley and Ryerson that point charbonnel as the principal advocate of a separate publicly funded catholic school system.  Elmsley converts to Catholicism; Ryerson was methodist  Power was a passionate RC but also a loyal citizen of the british empire  His brief career demonstrated the strategic manner in which he asserted the rights of catholics while not giving offense to and co-operating with prot authorities and institutions  His whole life was marked by the attention to balancing his faith while livng in a british empire which was prot.  In the ended it is said that he supported in state-funded catholic common school , he didn’t consider the common school to be the exclusive means to deliver edu  In his view state supported schools all constituted possible vehicles for the delivery of a catholic edu  Died oct 1 1847 born in halifax in 1804  When hincks introduced his acts, power urged politicians to ensure that catholic right were respected  Powers final punlic appearance in the schools issue was his acceptance of membership and then chairmanship of the first board of edu as established by the new common school act of 1846  The board of edu exclusively for cnda west was created by Ryerson in order to supervise the selection of schools texts, create and manage a normal school for the training of teachers and advice the superintendent of schools.  Power attended catechism and grammar school  Questions of imperial control of the colonies, responsible government and the liberties of individuals interested power  Power’s literary interests suggest his fascination with the politics of his day, the battle btwn interpretations of the constitution of 1791 and his concern about the rising tide or reform in lower Canada.  The rebellions of 1837-38 were among the town single most transforming events in power’s life. o He was seized(taken/caught)and put under house arrest during the rebellion o His personal involvement in the rebellion won him accolades from both the british military o Bagot considered power a true friend to the british colonial administrators o In 1841 he confirmed his own affinity to the spirit of the new ultramontane thinking  This was surprising since he was a priest in lower Canada in his early days o His formative years as a catholic priest and missionary were characterized by struggle, disappointment, n hardship. o While still within her womb, power had been promised to the church by his mom  Power had expressed doubt regarding his vocation  In his mother’s view leaving priesthood would be a grave disappointment to his community in Halifax  Power then continued his studies and was ordained priesthood o He was exposed to ultramontanism  Power believed and established that all church properties were vested in the bishop and in doing so made it clear to the laity that the bishop’s authority was supreme in spiritual and temporal affairs o He had strict discipline for his priests and used suspension as an effective tool to keep order among them st  The drive to establish catholic schools became a constant theme during his 1 pastoral visitations and in his p
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