Borg & Wright Reading - chapter 3 summary

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Reid Locklin

Mission and Message of Jesus – Wright  Jesus the Palestinian Jew  Theology and politics hand in hand in era (Jewish monotheism, 1 God and others are idols, with election (chosen people of God))  Oppression as temporary  Monotheism and election -> eschatology: belief that history is going somewhere, something happn through which everthing will be put right  1CE Jew eschatology claim one God act within history to vindicate pndple and establish justice and peace (same as Jesus)  2 temple era -> hope in larger metanarrative… foundation narrative of Exodus from Egpy reshaped by Babylonian exile and persistent belief that exile was not yet over… language of return as second and decisive layer of metaphor, lens through which Jesus’s contemporaries viewed God’s plans for their future  Israel’s punishment continuing with cultural domination, unredeemedness, foreigners overlords… liberation still to be accomplished  Tiptoe with expectation -> Jesus announce God as last becoming king… 1CE Jewish prophet Jesus (1)  (2) Announcing God’s kingdom center of mission and message (fact that God ruled)  hope: YHWH king -> Israel return from exile, evil defeated, YHWH return to Zion… doesn’t happen in Jesus’ day  Jesus invoke current revolutionary ideology and gospel, trace back to Isaiah and prophets… beyond mere military revolution  Israel’s story reaching climax, moving toward decisive moemtn -> coming kingdom of God not new religion/moral code/doctrine…  Jesus role to perform  Announcing kingdom  Summoning hearers to be Israel in new ways, battle against enemy behind Rome  Revolutionary  Jesus speaking of kingdom as both present and future… initial announcement as real beginning of kingdom but major tasks still to be accomplished that would validate paradoxical claim  Prophet announcing kindom AND believing kingdom was breaking in to history in and trhough hs presence and work (3)  Gathering support  Invitation, welcome, challenge, summons  Invite to give up own agendas and trust him, abandom nationalist revoltion and abandon attitudes with xenophobia and oppression Mission and Message of Jesus – Wright  Welcome sinners as part of kingdom announcement (offense to others… not through normal channels in temple)  Challenge grounded in eschatology… Jesus challenge to a crazy subversive wisdom in which human wisdom and Jewish wisdom would be stood on its head… following Jesus meant embracing risky vocation, political danger and likely death call…  (4) summon other Jews to abandon alternative kingdom visions and join him in his  warning of impending judgement  if not follow way of cross, would be destroyed by Rome… sign and means of jdugement against rebellious people at cruicial point in history  Little Apocalypse of Mark 13… Old Testamaent sun and moon darkened, stars falling… not literal – metaphors to denote concrete events (political or social) to connote cosmic or theological significane  Mark sun and moon and Son of Man… borrowed lang from Isaih and Daniel… vindication and coming to God of true people,  (5) warning of dire consequences for nJerusalen, temple if summons ignored  clash of symbols  jesus as critique from within Judaism  Pharisees critical of contemporary Jews,
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