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NAME: Diane Tam I.D: 997733207 GRADE: ____ / 100 (5%) Due Date: October 15, 2012 THE MIRACLES OF OUR LADY Analysis I. The Chasuble of Saint Ildephonsus Ildephonsus was a man who was named a saint for his love for Mary and for his service to her. He wrote a treatise on her perpetual virginity and moved her feast day. While preparing for a Mass, seated on a throne, Mary appeared to him with a gift: the book that he had written, personally approved and handed to him by herself, as well as a chasuble that was sewn without a needle, an angelic gift. She proclaimed that the throne on which he sat and the chasuble shall be his alone. However, upon his death, Siagrio, who took his place, was proud, wanting to be as revered as Ildephonsus. He said things which angered Mary, then he sat on the throne and demanded for the chasuble, the latter of which suffocated him to death. Ildephonsus: He wrote a treatise on Mary’s perpetual virginity and moved her feast day. Mary approved of his writing, appearing to him on her feast day and gave a chasuble made by angels. Siagrio: He was proud, thinking that he was equal to Ildephonsus. From his vanity and his pride, he sinned, and Ildephonsus’ chasuble choked him, and he died due to his folly. Gabriel: The angel who announced the birth of Jesus to Mary. III. The Cleric and the Flower The cleric had many worldly vices, but he also loved Mary with all his heart. He was killed by some enemies, and not knowing his manner of death, he was not buried in the cementary. Mary, however, was saddened by this burial, and appeared to another cleric, wishing him to correct this error. When they did, they found that his body had not decayed though he had been buried for 30 days. Also, from his mouth bloomed a flower, but his tongue was not decayed. The body was moved to a sacred tomb, and the moral is that anyone who does service to Mary will find contentment in the last day, though his life may have had many vices. Cleric: A man with many vices but still loved Mary, who did not allow his body to decay and ensured his proper burial. Mary appeared to another cleric in a vision, commanding him to bury his comrade in the cemetry with other Christians. IV. The Virgin´s Reward There is a cleric who loved both the Mother and the Son, but was very troubled since he did not serve them much. He learned to speak of the Joys of the Virgin Mary, and recited them every day. He fell gravely ill, however, and felt his end was very near. The Blessed Virgin appeared to him, comforting him, and when he died, his soul was taken by her to heaven. Cleric: He did not serve Mary much, but still loved her greatly. When he fell ill, she appeared to him and comforted him, and when he died, she carried his soul to heaven. V. The Charitable Pauper The paupar lived off of alms, but to win Mary’s favour, he shared everything he earned with the poor, and in endeverouring to do so, he even forgot his own needs. When he died, Mary appeared, letting all know of the pauper’s great deeds, and took his soul with her to heaven. The moral is to please the Holy One and to give her honour, taking care not to part from her. Pauper: The pauper lived off of alms, but even so, shared all he received with the poor, thus winning Mary’s favour. When he died, she appeared and took his soul to heaven with her. VII. Saint Peter and the Proud Monk An undisciplined monk was incorrigible, living a life of sin, from which he died. His soul was carried off by the devil, but Saint Peter took pity on the monk, and tried to intercede for him. The Christ refused, saying that the monk has not lived righteously, and therefore, has earned his current reward. The angels replied likewise. Finally, Peter pleaded before Mary, who then spoke with her Son, who replied that out of love for His mother, He will endeavor to find a solution. The soul was taken from the devils and guided back to the monk’s body, whereupon he was revived, given a second chance. Monk: He lived a sinful life and was taken to hell when he died. St. Peter took pity on him and pleaded for him before Mary, who asked her Son to give the monk a second chance, resurrecting him to life again so that he may repent and do penance. St. Peter: The saint who founded the monk’s order and took pity on his soul, pleading for its admittance to heaven before Christ, the angels and Mary. Heavenly Virtues: Peter pleaded to them, called the angels, for interceedence, but they refused. Jesus Christ: He did as his mother asked, finding a suitable solution. XVI. The little Jewish Boy A little Jewish boy was playing with his Christian friends, and one Sunday, went to Mass with them. While they participated in Communition, he saw a woman and gave her reverence. His father realized what he had done and threw him into the fire. However, Mary protected the boy and he was not harmed in any way. Peopl asked what had happened, he said that the beautiful lady protected him, which they understood to be Mary. They seized the Jewish father, and cast him into the fire. The little Jewish boy: He was reverent of Mary when he saw her, which she counted as service. When he was cast into the fire, she protected him from the flames, and he was unharmed. His father: He disregarded his son’s reverence of Mary, and threw him into the fire. He himself was thrown into the fire by the people who heard this story. XVII. Saint Mary´s Church Profaned There was a man who was hated by his neighbours, who were three knights. They tried to kill him, and he sought sanctuary in Mary’s church.
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