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 thus, as it moves north, it gets far ahead to the east relative to the earth’s surface creating westerly winds  opposite in the south  the trade winds fall behind the rotation of the earth as it moves south, veering west  thus, temperate weather tends to move W to E  the subtropical jjet streamis a rapidly moving west-to-east air current (10 km above earth’s surface) that forms in as a warm air mass moves from the equator (Hadley cell) and converges at high altitudes with cooler air moving towards the equator (Ferrel cell)  a more powerful one forms where the Ferrel and Polar cells meet  have tremendous, but unpredictable effect on the weather Intertropical Convergence and Subtropical High-Pressure Belt  intertropical convergence is the region where surface currents of air from the northern and southern subtropics meet near the equator and begin to rise under the warming influence of the sun  the tropics are more humid not because there is more water there, but because water cycles more rapidly in the atm there (due to the heating effect of the sun)  when air is cooled as it rises and expands, it causes precipitation because colder air has a lower EWVP  subtropical high-pressure belts are regions of high atmospheric pressure caused by descending masses of heavy air north and south of the equator  come from the high altitude air masses moving north and south away from the intertropical convergence  these masses have already lost much of their water to precipitation in the tropics  bec
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